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Redefining company vision

Redefining the corporate vision is the way to change the direction for a company’s future. As businesses evolve and the marketplace changes, there may come a time when that vision must be redefined. Let’s explore the signs that tells us if it might be time to redefine the corporate vision, and how to approach this complex task.

Signs That Vision Needs Redefining

  • Stagnation: A lack of growth or innovation may signal that the vision no longer aligns with the company’s capabilities, or the market’s needs.
  • Misalignment with Values: If the vision does not resonate with the company’s core values, it may need reevaluation.
  • Market Changes: Shifts in industry trends, or consumer behavior, may necessitate a change in vision.

How to Approach Redefining the corporate Vision

  • Assess the Current Situation: Identify what has changed within the company or market that prompts a need for redefinition.
  • Involve Stakeholders: Engage with employees, customers, and partners to gather insights and build consensus.
  • Craft a New Vision: Align the new vision with the company’s values, mission, and long-term goals.
  • Communicate and Implement: Clearly communicate the new vision and create a roadmap for its implementation.

Case Studies

Problem: Stagnation in a competitive market, struggling to differentiate from competitors.

    • Solution: Redefine vision to focus on customer service excellence, using affordable CRM technology.
    • Why: To create a unique selling proposition and build customer loyalty without significant investment.
    • Result: Improve customer satisfaction scores and increase in repeat business.

Problem: Original vision of global expansion conflicted with core values of local community engagement and environmental stewardship.

    • Solution: Revamp vision to emphasize building strong local connections and sustainable practices.
    • Why: To align the company’s actions with its commitment to community and environmental responsibility.
    • Result: Strengthen relationships with local suppliers and customers, and increase positive community and media recognition.


Redefining the corporate vision is not a decision to be taken lightly. It demands thoughtful consideration of various factors, including current performance, market trends, and alignment with core values.

Engaging stakeholders in the process, ensures that the new vision resonates with those who are most impacted.

Remember, a vision that aligns with your company’s core essence and looks toward the future will guide your organization to continued success.

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