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Business Coaching | Relationship-oriented approach

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Business Coaching focuses on personal development, leadership skills, and overall business goals with business leaders or teams.

The difference between business consulting and business coaching, is that a business consultant addresses specific challenges within the business by applying specialized expertise.

A business coach will act as a mentor or guide, helping individuals or teams to develop skills, overcome challenges, and reach their potential.

Usually they focus on areas like leadership, motivation, communication, personal growth, etc.

Their approach is more relationship-oriented, working over a longer term to develop skills and foster growth rather than solving a specific business problem.

A business coach will work closely with you to understand their needs, aspirations, and growth journey.

Business Coaching framework

Business Coaching has a clear framework. It’s success is based on the success of the consultations, which, if conducted properly, they can have a significant impact to the organization.

A Business Coach is employed by the company, and can work directly with the company owners, or with managers and employees.

An important difference from life coaching is that, when a Business Coach offers services to employees and managers of a company, the objectives and goals are decided by the company. In life coaching, the coach helps the client create their goals and a suitable plan to achieve those goals.

Tools and methods

Coaching utilizes various tools which help people flourish and creates strong connections within existing, or newly-formed teams:

  • Assessment
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Learning and Development
  • Mindfulness and Self-awareness
  • Visual Aids and Presentation tools


The synergy between Coaching and Training can lead to more effective skill development, greater confidence, and improved performance.


A lot of unresolved issues can surface during coaching sessions. It is important for the organization to address them and dedicate resources for employees to develop new skills and ways to manage their daily work.

Conflict resolution, time management, negotiation skills, sales and leadership trainings are just a few examples of trainings that companies may have to organize in partnership with the Business Coach.

business coaching

Budget Assessement tools for your company

Even the most experienced Business Coaches rely on assessment tools in order to conduct successful consultations within a company.

Work on a consistent HR strategy and invest on talent development, which will bring change in your organization.